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HOMME MEMBERSHIP coming December 2020

By becoming a HOMME member we're able to offer a refund of your room sales tax 8.625% upon arrival. Simply fax or email the registration form for no cost membership perks. You'l receive a membership card as well. Details at bottom of page.

Read below & click link to see what HOMME is all about!

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homme group

Homme is an affiliate group of gay co-owned upscale vacation & retirement residences offering international exchange options. With “boutique hotel” private bedroom suites, communal dining & lounge facilities Homme is expanding to distinctive properties worldwide. This innovative partnership concept provides compelling advantages to conventional rented & owned homes.  

In addition, we also can give a tax free stay, guests may sign & return a 30 day rental agreement. In addition to your 3 or 4 day stay you're entitled 26 or 27 offseason days for the confirmation price offered. The only caveat is that if you elect to stay you have to pay a offseason daily maintenance surcharge of $300. per day & a $300. heat surcharge.You only pay these surcharges when you physically arrive, check in and are present in the guest rooms. If you choose not to arrive surcharges will not be applicable. No other charges other rent amount in your confirmation total unless requested.

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