515 Porgie in the Pines -                   cool  creative group in a fab seventies house!
We now have private enclosed deck areas, private pantry kitchens & private baths in all our rooms.                                                                                                              

 We offer two ways to stay!
( see "About the Pines" link for our food preparation options.)

PLEASE NOTE: We will not activate the "check availability" button till June 7  2020 and daily rentals commence June 7.

Discount monthly rentals commence June 1 and be booked by making a request sent to glennhannastudio@yahoo.com. You can see rates by scrolling to bottom.

Daily Rentals
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Discount Monthly Rentals
we have units that range from micro studios to one bedroom spaces.
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the guest house 
[see photos above]

Arrive at a weathered wood door, enter, wander and be enticed by the magic & high style. Built in 1964 & designed by the famed modernist architect Horace Gifford, the verdant compound is a strong yet subtle masterpiece."                             

We offer simple stylish rooms for the  sophisticated Pines guest. Warmed with the patina of our redwood paneled ceilings and softened with our graphically  upholstered beds. Our lodging is a hybrid design statement that brings hip 2020 and vintage1964 together.

You're also sure to get a personable welcome from our accommodating  staff. So make us your destination. We'll prove to be a fitting match for the Pines & it's renown natural and architectonic splendor.

The Modernist awaits you!

why we are special

Our mission is to bring you chic well designed rooms at an affordable price in an exquisite setting. We're also close to town yet a secluded world away . 

Our wooded enclave is the laboratory for the exclusive HOMME group. Take time to read the link for a tax free stay with investment options . 

In the Pines, Covid dining options are limited, so we provide small pantry kitchens with a sink, micro, induction cooktop & coffee maker. There are also communal BBQ facilities.These options can save you money & dining with friends is a cherished Pines experience.

We have 6 comfortable full, double and triple twin bedrooms each with private baths. In addition, the main 3 bedroom main house is available for a limited number of weeks, Perfect for weddings & large gatherings.

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ROOMS reservations
 for guest house details.

We also offer 6 week share packages, see pics below.
 Discount Monthly Rentals : pricing schedule
(Go to ROOMS tab above for detailed descriptions.)

ROOM.    June.     July.       August.  September

#1.           $1999.    $2399.    $2599.     $1999.
#2.           $1999.    $2399.    $2599.     $1999.
#7.           _____.     _____.    _____.    _____.

#3.            $2599.    $2999.    $3199.     $2599.

#4.            $2999.    $3699.    $3999.     $2999.
#5.            $2999.    $3699.    $3999.     $2999.

#6.           _______   $4799.     $5199.    $3999.

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