515 Porgie in the Pines -                   cool  creative group in a fab seventies house!


The Pines is a seaside village with an amazing concentration of modernist wood homes. Only two blocks wide, it has broad Atlantic beaches on the south and the Great South Bay on the north. It's only accessible by a ferry and like the utopia that it is, there are no cars. Wooden walks transverse the community and food & luggage are transported by small wagons. Dense pine forests, bamboo groves and other lush plantings, give it an exotic almost tropical feel.


The Pines is a part of the Fire Island barrier beach, which is long, thin island with a diverse set of communities. The Pines has it's own niche, as a sophisticated gay community. You can leave the community in either direction and explore gorgeous virgin forests, marshes and dunes which are a part of Fire Island National Seashore.


The Pines is a world famous gay community with a storied history dating from the early days of gay liberation in the sixties. Disco was born in the Pines. Calvin Klein, Truman Capote & David Geffen all had homes there. In midcentury America, the Pines And the adjoining village of Cherry Grove were unique in that they were the only place in America [and possibly the world] where it was okay to be totally out.


There is a vibrant nightlife scene in multiple venues. For early birds there is"tea" in three different venues, which are daily parties that takes place everyday from 5 pm to 10 pm  in the bars fronting the beautiful harbor. After dark, in the two major discos there is dancing till dawn, many times with world class DJ's. You can also take a water taxi to the sister community for clubs with a more alternative vibe.


In addition to massive grand theme parties there are wonderful cultural festivals as well. Dance, poetry, opera all have designated event weekends. There are also weekly outdoor movie showings and an art foundation that sponsors weekly exhibitions and performances.


Both the Pines Pantry & Pines Pizza have delicious prepared food which when combined with grilled meat and vegetables is an easy way to eat well. We also maintain an indoor kitchen with a full size stove, microwave and fridge with ice 

We call it our "Good Karma" kitchen. The kitchen itself is cleaned only once daily & cannot be guaranteed immaculate The good karma aspect is that you clean up after yourself so the other guests can can enjoy it.
In terms of beverages we have mini fridges in all our rooms. We also have multiple coffee makers (one assigned to  each room] in the kitchen area as well.

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